Saturday, September 13, 2008

Messy Messy!!!!!!!!!!!

As you all know, we have started to call Addelynn, MESS with a CAPITAL M!!!!!!! However, I am not sure that Alex is not catching up to her!
Both Addie and Alex are starting to eat more and more food. There was one day this week that Addie alone had 2 jars of sweet potatoes at one sitting. No, she does not say, OINK, OINK!!!!! Here are some feeding trends that we are noticing:
Addie loves rice cereal mixed with a fruit or applesauce!!!!!!! She will eat 2 bowls full a day, plus take all of her bottles and more food. Addie is still taking 5 bottles each day! She tends to eat 4-6 ounces at each feeding. She tries very hard to hold her own bottle. However, I have noticed that she has a hard time sitting still! So, I still feed her most of the time so that the bottle is not all over the house
Alex loves just about anything! However, I have noticed that he tends to favor the fruit more than the vegetables. Imagine that!!!!!!! Most of you know, that mommy does not eat ANY VEGGIES! I did not eat one vegetable when I was pregnant with these little munchkins! But, even though he favors fruit, he still gets plenty of both. Alex is holding his own bottle most of the time. However, we still feed him in our arms for his nighttime and first morning bottles. Alex eats between 6-8 ounces at each feeding.

Alex says, "See, I live in Alabama, however, I am still a Cardinal Fan!"
Alex knows now when he gets in the highchair that it is time to eat. He makes the funniest noises!

Addie says, "I'm stuffed and I think that I am ready for a nap". Addie had so much for dinner that she did not even take all of her nighttime bottle and went straight to sleep!

Today, mommy and daddy went to Target to stock up on more baby food as it is on sale this week. You can get a 2 pack of Gerber for .88 cents. That is .20 cents cheaper than normal. When you are feeding 2, you take every deal you can find!!!!!!!!!!!! Old grandma wanted to buy the kids some snacks/treats, but we could not find the baby butter biscuits. So, we bought some cobblers, mac-n-cheese and a few other treats to try out. Thanks Old Grandma!!!!!!!

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