Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lots and Lots of Pictures

Hi Everyone!
Sorry that there has been another delay in posting pictures! But, you will be happy that I will be posting tons of pictures today. Getting away to get the camera is not as easy as it was just a few weeks ago! Read below to see what is new! I hope that you enjoy the updates and pictures!!!!!!!!
Addie does not feel like smiling for the camera today. I think that she must be getting another tooth as she has not been in the best mood. She does smile, but as soon as I get the camera, I usually get a face like this!
Can you believe all the toys I have? Alex says, which one do you want to play with?
I have all these toys to play with but I would like to go climbing all over my sister!
Addie and Alex have fun playing in their play area! Between all the toys, you will find Alex sitting on a few and Addie laying across all of them!
Yes, you see it correct! Alex has STARTED to pull up on things. He has not yet mastered getting to standing, but he is very close!
Who would have ever guessed that this little ball could be such a hit for both Addie and Alex! They absolutely love playing with it. We should add a few of those to their Christmas list! It is very funny to watch them crawl after the ball when you roll it.
Little sister says, "Ok, mom, you can have this smile"!
Here is my serious face!
"" When is snack time mommy, I am hungry!"
For the most part, this has been a good week, so far! The weather here in Huntsville has been slowly cooling down. We have been dying to open our windows, so we have been bearing the warm afternoons. With having over 22 windows to open, it can be quite the chore! But, it is well worth it! Unfortunately, Addie and Alex have to have their windows closed during nap time as they are still building the house next door. However, that should be completed within the next month. Last night, we had fun giving Bradyn a bath outside! Dakota will have a turn this weekend. No big plans for this weekend.
Addie and Alex go to Dr. Patz, their Huntsville Pediatrician next week for their 9-month shots and appointments. We are anxious to hear how they are doing. I can tell you that they are growing more and more everyday. Finding pants this winter is going to be hard for Addelynn as she is so long! As you have read before, Addie has been a good cereal eater for a few weeks. Alex did not care for it so much. I have noticed that Addie likes the veggies and Alex likes the fruit. However, this past weekend, I started mixing their cereal with REAL APPLESAUCE and Alex will eat it now! Yea!!!!!!

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