Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy 9 Month Old Birthday

Happy 9 Month Birthday Addelynn and Alexander
September 19, 2008
WOW! It seems like just a few days ago I was writing their 8 month old birthday post. Time sure goes by fast! Addie and Alex are doing great! It is amazing how much they have changed in just a months time! Tomorrow we go for our 9 month check up and shots. We are looking forward to see how much they weigh and how they are doing! Seems as if they are both eating like little piggies here of late! Be sure to stop by tomorrow night and see their stats from their appointment!
Addie was so tired on Saturday that she fell asleep in the play area. Good thing Alex was not around as he would have been pulling her ear, biting her, or crawling all over her! She slept like this for over an hour! When Addie is sleeping, you do not mess with her!
Mommy and Daddy put Addie and Alex's letters up on their walls this weekend.
When we were doing this, Addie and Alex spent twin time reading books! I will try and get some pictures of their letters this week. However, when I realized that I did not have any to put on the blog, they were already and bed, and I was not disturbing them!

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