Thursday, September 4, 2008

Picture Frenzy

Addie and Alex are adjusting to being back home from Grandma and Grandpa's house. I think that they are enjoying having their exersaucer, jumperoo, and play yard with tons of toys to play with. Here are some updates for the week!
Alexander: He must be teething still! Alex has been much more fussy than normal. But, I know that he is not sick as he is still playing and smiling like always. He is either teething or going through the normal speration routine that some go through. Here lately, he cries even when I walk with him towards the exersaucer, play area, hallway (towards bedroom). If I am anywhere in sight where he is playing, he wants me to pick him up. So, I have been trying to leave the room but still be where I can check on him. On the positive note, Alex has been seen sitting up all by himself. We see this alot when he is crawling on the floor or in his play yard, you turn around and he is sitting up playing with toys.. Yea Alex!
Addelynn: Can you say "Mess" with a capital M? Little sister has been into just about everything. She has discovered that all of the toys on the exersaucer are removable and that she can pull them out and throw them across the room. This morning, I was trying to get bottles ready and I put her in the bouncey seat for all of 2 minutes. When I walked back in the room, she was 1/2 way out of the seat as she has figured out how to unsnap the seatbelt. Yes, this could have been an odd occurance, but it does not surprise me as she is strong. Addie has been fighting naps this week. But, we are working on that. She now lays down with a soft doll and then, I take it away, once she is asleep, of course!

Here are some pictures from our morning! As you can see, Alex is dressed.. But, Addie is still in PJ's. Since Alex has not been wanting me to put him down, I had tmie to dress him. But, Addie had been content, so I did not disturb her!

Take me out to the Ballgame!
Put me in Coach! I am ready to play today!
Addie is still saying dadadadadadadadadadada non stop! Here she was as I was trying to take the picture of her!
Mom, you can take as many as you want, but I am not going to smile!
"Mommy took so many pictures of me this morning that her camera batteries are dead! Please send us some more batteries grandpa!

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