Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day Photos: Alex and Addie's First Valentines Day

Happy First Valentines Day to Addie and Alex!!!!!!!
Valentines Day was very busy for all of us. We had Addie's ultrasound appointment this morning. Then, we stopped by the NICU to visit Joanne. She was our primary nurse when the twins were in the NICU. She was so surprised at how much they have grown in just a few weeks. We hope that you enjoy the pictures below! I did not get a picture of the back of the outfits, but they had little velour wings. They were too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, they were hard to tell apart at times dressed alike. Can you tell them apart?Please comment in the comment section and let us know who is who..... We will post the answers later on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck!

Daddy was glad to be in town for the twins first Valentines Day!
Here they are all bundled up ready to go. Obviously, Addie is in the pink and Alex in the blue.
This picture was too easy!

We are too cute! Mommy and Daddy had to be super quick taking this picture.
Addie actually was able to sit up longer than Alex today.

Can you tell here who is who??????????????????

Who is this? In the comment section write "Photo 1" and your guess!

Who is this? In the photo section, write "Photo 2" and your guess.


Angie said...

Photo 1 - Alex

Cayla Lynn said...

photo 1 - Alex
photo 2 - Addie

Aunt Diane said...

Photo 1 Alex (looks just like Michael)and he has more hair!

Photo 2 Addie

Aunt Diane said...

I hate to tell you this, but I think Addie looks just like Grandpa.

Lindsey said...

Photo 1 - Alex
Photo 2 - Addie

Kimmie said...

i posted in the wrong section but
photo 1 is alex and photo 2 is addie. :)