Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Playing Catch Up: Sorry for the Delay

Here are some pictures from the weekend...
I hope that you all enjoy! We had a pretty good weekend.
Obviously, we did not do much besides take care of the babies, but it was nice to just stay at home.... On Super Bowl Sunday, Addie and Alex had their first bath since they have been home. Since it is so hard for preemies to maintain their body temperature, we did not venture out and try this until then. Yes, don't worry they still got cleaned everyday just not in the bathtub. Stay tuned for more updates!

Alex loves the bath..... He was so relaxed that he almost fell asleep!

Like we have said before, Addie is the life of the party! She does not go to sleep for anything! She especially liked the sprayer on the bathtub.

We have been trying to let Addie and Alex have a few hours a day in the same area.
This weekend, they spent lots of time together in their pack-n-play. No matter how far apart you put them in the crib, they will find a way to get as close as possible!

Addie and Alex fall asleep next to eachother...... How cute!

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