Sunday, February 3, 2008

Christmas in February

On Saturday, we finally had Christmas with Daddy's side of the family.
It was nice to have everyone over to not only celebrate Christmas in February, but for them to see Addie and Alex. With the birth of the twins and mommy being in the hospital, it was hard to fit everything in around the holidays. However, we had a great time on Saturday. Below, you will see pictures of our evening.

Here is Great Grandma holding Addie and Alex.

Grandpa holds his grandkids for the 1st time.....

Grandma holds Alex and Addie for the first time. By this time, Alex was getting tired..... Not Addie, she is always the life of the party!

Addie and Alex had some tummy time before heading back to bed.

Alex and Addie had a great first Christmas. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts!
The onesies from Great Aunt Susie and Great Uncle Gary will come in very handy this next month or so... The Mickey and Minnie Mouse from Great Uncle Jim and Great Aunt Linda are adorable and will look great in the disney room next year for Christmas. Thanks too for the bath robes! We will be using them this week! Thanks to grandpa and grandma for the Kohls gift cards, cute socks/mittens and teddy bears! The piggy banks from great grandma and grandpa are wonderful.... Thanks Again!

Here is a video of Great Grandpa with the twins............

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