Saturday, February 2, 2008

Catching Up: Wednesday's Post

Sorry for the delay in the postings this week... With both little ones now at home, we have been very busy!!!!!!!! I don't think that the constant running around hit us until a few days after bringing Addelynn home... But, we are all doing well, just a little tired. Here are some pictures from Wednesday~ Enjoy!

Addie and Alex enjoyed the bouncey seats this week... During the day, we try and
allow them to spend time getting some sun in the great room. As you can see, Alex is really catching the rays.... Addie is all bundled up in her seat, as she needs a lot of head/body support. Overall, they both enjoy being in their seats. Can you believe this? We have already had to start changing batteries and it has not even been 2 weeks since bringing Alex home!

Addie took her first swing ride today. It was a little early for Addie to start swinging due
to her still having heart rate drops. However, she was a bit fussy, so we were willing to give it a try! She did great... It will be nice to have two babies that both enjoy the swings!

Addie's First Ride in the Swing..........

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