Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Update: Getting BIG

As you can tell, it is getting har do decide which pictures to put on the blog.
There are so many good ones to choose from these days! Over the past few days,
Addie has had a little cold. On Monday, when she woke up from a nap, she was making real raspy noises and was having a hard time breathing. It almost sounded like she was snorting.
Right away, I called the doctor. Well, when one goes, the other goes too. Therefore, we packed up Addie and Alex and headed to the doctor. The doctor says:
1) Addelynn has a bad cold. She is very congested and her nasal cavity is blocked making it hard for her to breathe. Therefore, we are giving her nasal drops on the hour in order to make way for her to breathe.
2) Alexander has the start of a cold. Imagine That!!!
3) After the doctor visit, we headed to the hospital for lab work. The doctor wanted an update on Addelynn's blood count and also wanted both Addie and Alex tested for RSV. If you have not heard, RSV is a horriable virus that is critical to preemies and small infants. We are praying that they both just have colds and not RSV. Please keep your fingers crosse. We should know the results on Tuesday sometime. Going there is always an adventure. The outpatient lab was closed. Therefore, we had to go to addmitting and then to the main lab. At this point, the twins were already 2 hours past their feeding schedule. Oh no! So, daddy warmed the bottles while mommy took both kids to the lab. What a chore! Ha Ha Ha
* After the lab work was completed, we fed both kids at the hospital. Of course, everyone wants to look and see them. I felt so silly as everyone kept saying "Oh, you have two boys". I said, no and explained that both of them were in blue sleepers as they were not expecting going out of the house. But, when the doctor said to bring them in, I did not have time to change their clothes. Whew! Feeing two babies at the hospital can be very time consuming! All said and done, we left home at 2pm and did not get home until after 7pm. WOW!
Ok, for the fun part..... How much do you think that Addelynn and Alexander weigh now? They will be 9 weeks old tomorrow!
Alexander is adding around 2 ounces a day and weighed in at: 9 pounds 2 ounces
Addelynn has added lots of weight since her last visit. She weighed in at: 6 pounds 10 ounces

Are we getting big, or what? On Sunday, Addie and Alex got all dressed up!
The twins have so many nice clothes, but there is no way that they will get to wear all of them!
They are growing so fast! So, we play dress up when mommy and daddy have some extra energy. We never realize how much time and energy it would take to dress them up!

Are we supposed to be on mommy and daddy's bed??????????????

Alex and Addie pose for the picture. Here you can see just how much bigger Alex is.
At times, I was worried that he would topple over on his little sister.

On Sunday we had some visitors. Big Great Cousin Kami was able to see

Alex and Addie for the first time. She even was able to hold little Addlie. How exciting!

Kami is in kindergarten and is proud to have little twins as great cousins...

Daddy enjoys holding Alex and Addie.

What trouble can we get into next? Who do you think that we look like?
Please post your thoughts in the comment section.. It is so much fun to hear what
people think!

Awww. Brother and sister pose for the camera!

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I LOVE your bedding!!!! Where in the world did it come from??? :o)