Friday, February 15, 2008

Lots of Catching Up

Sorry for the delay in the postings! Again, we have found ourselves to be so busy..
Therefore, I will try and take some time and catch everyone up with pictures and updates.
Both Addelynn and Alexander are doing fantastic! This week, they have really become more alert! It is so fun to watch their facial expressions. They are both on a wonderful schedule. We are even starting to get more rest at night, knock on wood! Enjoy!

Here is Alex getting ready to go out to the doctor....

Addie is awake and ready to roll. We took her to the hospital on Valentines Day to have a hip ultrasound. Her ultrasound that she had while in the NICU showed that she needed to be re-evaluated. But, everything looks great now! No more hip ultrasounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on, enough pictures..... I swear going out and about is such a big event. We must have taken 50 pictures before even leaving the house..

Alex is really starting to fill out his carseat.

This morning, I was able to remove one of Addie's blankets used to support her in the carseat. This shows us how much she has grown in just two weeks time. What do you think?

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