Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Update

Greetings from Drew and Jake in Baltimore!!!!!!!
We received this adorable picture from our twin friends, Drew and Jake. They live in Baltimore! I know that you have heard lots about them through our blog. They are the ones that give us lots of really cool stuff! Drew and Jake are getting so big as they will be 9 months old at the end of July. Happy Birthday to their mom, Kimmie today!
Addie and Alex Update:
Both of our kids have been fighting colds since the weekend. They are on a cough medicine and a cream for the breakout on their little faces. Addie seems to be fighting it just fine! She is just such a mess! Alex is having a harder time. I know that Alex is not feeling well when he is not able to lay down for a nap or bedtime without crying. He is also not sleeping through the night right now, which is definitely not his routine! Today, I am going to take Alex to have his ear checked. I want to be sure that this cold has not led him to an ear infection. I will keep you all posted!

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