Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fun Pictures of Addie and Alex

Whew! What a week already. Yesterday, Addie and Alex went to run errands with mommy. Here is what we did:
1) In Alabama, you do not get your license when you apply for it. So, we had to go and get mommy another AL license. WE WERE SMART! We found a place that you can go that is like top secret information around here. So, we did not have to wait long.
2) We went to daddy's office to visit some friends. Miss Peggy, Miss Gitti, and miss Cherie always enjoy seeing them. Don't worry Peggy, Addelynn will be better for you next time! Thanks to all of you for helping me feed them.
3) We went to KOHLS to help mommy find items for the Italian Themed Homemade Gourmet basket that she is making for the NICU fundraiser event.
4) We picked up daddy for lunch. Of course, you guessed it, Mexican!
Wouldn't you be tired? We were, but when we got home, we decided that it was not yet time to take a nap.....

Alex was so tired tonight that he fell asleep in his highchair. Of course, he enjoyed sweet potatoes/corn and mangos before he crashed out!
Addie likes her new highchair!
Mommy and Daddy have a few errands to run before leaving for grandma and grandmas house. Daddy was a big help this morning and picked out their clothes and got them dressed, shoes in all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did he do????? Please leave a comment for daddy!

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