Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Weekend

We tried to take it easy this weekend as Addie and Alex were still fighting somewhat of a cold. We had our friends Sara and Jeremy over this weekend and their little guy, Spencer played with Addie and Alex. Addie will have lots of boyfriends to pick from! On Sunday, daddy watched Addie and Alex while mommy went to work. Mommy's friend Carmen hosted a Homemade Gourmet make and take party! It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun!!!!!!!!! At the party, the girls made a total of over 50 meals to take home and freeze! In August, mommy is having the make and take at our house, so we will need to be on our best behavior!
Enjoy these pictures from our weekend! Next weekend, we are off to grandma and grandpas house to visit. Old grandma is having surgery on Monday, so please say a prayer for her. Addie and Alex will see Dr. Kasper on Tuesday for their 6th month check up. Wednesday, we hope to get together with our other twin friends, Huck, Frances, Evan and Leah!!!!!! I am sure that we will have a crazy schedule as we always do!
Enjoy our pictures!!!!!!!
Alex and Addie on Monday Morning. I love this picture!
Mr. Alex! Sorry for the pink on his shirt. He happened to spit up his amoxil right before this picture. But, he is cute enough to disregard that little stain!
Can you say mess??????????? Little sister is quite the character in the Jumperoo!
Addie started on her back laying underneath this toy, but she moved herself around.....
We have been playing all day! We are ready for a nap!!!!!!!!!!!

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