Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our Trip to Grandpa and Grandmas house: June 21st-30th

When daddy got home from his business trip to California, we celebrated Fathers Day and packed the car up to head to Grandma and Grandpas house. Daddy had been gone for over a week and was already having to leave again for another week. So, mommy thought that it would be nice to visit grandma and grandpa and have an extra few sets of hands to help out with Addie and Alex for a few days! Here are some pictures from our stay. We did lots of fun things while we were in town, so stay tuned for more pictures. Coming Soon!

Alex enjoyed spending time in the Jumperoo.
During our last visit, Addie and Alex could not really sit in the exersaucer without lots of support. However, they both did great this time! Here is "HAPPY ADDIE"
BUMBO Chair time. This was so funny! They were talking to eachother and playing with toes the whole time.
Mr. Alex trying to read his book, or have the book make it to his mouth. Yum!
Addie loves the musical frog!

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