Monday, July 21, 2008

Grandpa and Grandma's Trip to Huntsville with Old Grandma

We all had a lot of fun this weekend! Grandma and grandpa brought old grandma to visit this weekend. It was so nice to have everyone over without having to have a list of chores to do. Here are some pictures from the weekend! As you can see, Addie and Alex are very spoiled!!!!! We will be home again in a few weeks to visit again!
Old Grandma holds Alex!
Grandpa with Alex and Addie!
Grandma and Old Grandma have fun with the babies! Addie had almost had enough pictures taken by this point.....
Grandpa and Grandma with Addie and Alex....
Grandpa and Addie. No matter what she is doing, she always has hold of her toes!

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