Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our Friends: Playdate at Kristin's House

While in St. Louis, we had our first playdate with mommy's friends Kristin and Alicia. Both of them have twins..Mommy met them when she was pregnant as they were in our multiples class at St. Johns. It was a lot of fun! We can't wait til we can meet again in August. Stay tuned for more exciting pictures from our playdate!

Kristin with her twins, Frances and Huck. They are a day younger than Addie and Alex. But, they were also full term so just a little bit bigger! Huck was quite the life of the party! They are both super cute!
Alicia with her twins, Evan and Leah. How adorable! Evan and Leah were born on November 2nd, and were also considered full term. When they were born, mommy and daddy visited them in the hospital as mommy had an ultrasound almost twice a week!

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