Sunday, July 6, 2008

Grants Farm Trip: June 28th, 2008

Trip to Grants Farm: June 28th, 2008
Today was such a beautiful day, we had to do something outside. It was mommy and daddys 5 year wedding aniversary and they took us to Grants Farm. While we were at the farm we did lots of fun and exciting things. We rode the tram, watched the goats, attended the elephant show, drank our bottles and rode around in the stroller. The elephant show was a big hit as we were picked as the cutest kids in the audiance. Since we are too little to have helped out in the show, we got to have a balloon that the elephant blew up..... Please take us to the Farm again, mommy and daddy!

Taking pictures while the tram was moving was not easy. Daddy holds onto Alex for the bumpy ride. Alex was awake most of the trip!
Mommy shows Addie lots of animals along the way. Addie was a good nap taker while we were at the farm. Big surprise!
Addie and Alex and their Elephant Show balloon. We decided to get a picture as the balloon was too much to carry around the park. But, it will be saved, forever!

I know, I know... Addie was asleep, so Alex got to pet the chick.....

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Lindsey said...

We were at Grant's Farm that day as well. Looks like everyone had a great time! Happy Anniversary!