Friday, June 6, 2008

Visit with Oma, Aunt Sabrina, and Cousin Cayla

Mommy had a hard time keeping up with not only Addie and Alex, but also Cayla...
Before daddy had his surgery, we met up with Oma, Aunt Sabrina, Cousin Cayla, and Uncle Manfred for dinner. We met at one of mommy and daddy's favorite places, Carlos O'Kelly's. This was kind of a rough visit for all of us as Addie and Alex were kind of fussy. They can have a fussy period in the evening, which makes it hard to even take them out and about. But, we made it through. It was great for Addie and Alex to finally meet their Aunt Sabrina and Cousin Cayla!

Aunt Sabrina with Addie and Alex. For those of you that may not know, Sabrina is daddy's sister!
Daddy with his neice, Cayla.... She is a big girl!

Oma enjoyed spending time with Addie and Alex while we were in town.
Are you done yet?????????
Cayla says, "nice to meet you, cousin Alex"
Whew! It was easy to get these two in the same high chair, but I was not sure how in the world we would get them out!!!!!!!!!!
Aunt Sabrina with Addie and Cayla...

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