Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lots and Lots of Pictures

Daddy has been on a business trip this week! We can't wait for him to come home to see all of our surprises!!!!!!!
Thanks to Allison this week for all of her help with the twins. She has been helping mommy out day and night! Whew! I am not sure who is more tired, mommy or Allison!
Today, we went to Bridgestreet to have lunch with mommy's friend Carmen and her twins and other son, Jake. It was fun!
Here are some pictures from today!
Some ask, does he ever not smile????? Well, yes, he does cry, but most of the time he is a happy baby.
"Little Man"
I only took over 20 pictures trying to get one of them together! This one will have to do. It is getting harder and harder to get them both sitting still.
Allison and Alex! He smiles at anyone and everyone....
Both Addie and Alex love to play on the floor now. They are reaching for toys and moving all over the place. You really have to watch Alex!
Allison and "Little Sister".... Addie loves spending time with Allison. She also is a very good eater for Allison.
I swear that Addelynn looks like Alex in this picture. What do you think?
Are you looking at me?

Mr. Personality, Himself! I had to sqeeze him in this outfit one last time!!!!

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