Friday, June 6, 2008

Addie and Alex spend time with Old Grandma and Friends

While daddy went for his follow up appointment, Addie and Alex spent time with old grandma and her friends. Betty and Ruthann have been neighbors of old grandma for years. When mommy was little, she used to like to visit with them too. Now, Addie and Alex have had the opportunity to be spoiled yet again! Both Betty and Ruthann love to stay updated about Addie and Alex and love to spend time with them!
I am sure that you will ask, where is Alex? He was being a good boy, taking a nap! Miss "Always Awake" stayed up for the party!
Betty holds Addie today! It was a very hot outside today! So, we were able to wear these cool outfits.
Ruthann's youngest grandchild lives far away. So, whenever she can get her hands on Addie/Alex, she has a blast! She was able to get Addie to take a nap in the rocker..

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