Friday, June 27, 2008

Addie and Alex Try to Help NICU Babies in Huntsville, Alabama

Addie and Alex Help NICU Babies

Since moving to Huntsville, Alabama, I have tried very hard to get involved with the NICU at Huntsville Hospital. Addie and Alex's stay in the NICU at St. Johns Mercy in St. Louis was such a memorable and moving experience that I wanted to reach out to other NICU babies, parents and staff.

Dale and I as well as our twins, Addelynn and Alexander are asking for your assistance for a very important cause.

As most of you are aware, Addie and Alex were born at 32 weeks. They were considered preemies and needed special interventions and time in the NICU to feed and grow. During their stay in the NICU, not only did they have outstanding neonatologists and nurses, but state of the art equiptment. We feel that by having these necessities, our miracle babies were able to come home with us much quicker, than anticipated! Now, we are wanting to help other babies in the Huntsville, Alabama area have the opportunity to feed and grow using some of the same equiptment that Addie and Alex had available to them.

Three years ago, Amy George, Director of Marketing and Special Projects at Huntsville Hospital delivered twin girls, Ann Catherine and Melissa. Ann Catherine was able to survive, but Melissa is now a special angel in heaven. In Melissa's memory, Amy along with her husband, Chris, have established the Melissa Fund which raises money for the NICU in Huntsville, Alabama. Thanks Amy and Chris for everything that you do to try and give other babies the best chance at life at the most critical point in time! We know that Melissa is looking down appreciating your hard work and dedication in her memory!
The picture above contains various shots of the GIRAFFE OMNIBED. These beds cost over $40,000 each. Huntsville has been able to obtain several of these beds from previous fundraisers. The Swim for Melissa and Miracle Bash this year, hope to raise enough money to purchase a few more of these beds. Wouldn't it be great if other preemies could have this chance at life in one of these state of the art beds? Addie and Alex's fundraiser page can teach you more about the benefits of the Giraffe Omnibed.
There are numerous fundraisers throughout the year. The next fundraiser occurs the second weekened in August, Swim for Melissa and the Miracle Bash. Now that we are in Huntsville, we are ready to help! Addelynn and Alexander are participating in the Swim for Melissa! Since they are only 6 months old, obviously, they are not able to swim. But, we are doing what it takes to still do our part raising money! We have set a family goal of $1000.00. We believe that with dedication and help from our family and friends that this goal is reachable! We have 42 days left to reach our goal and we are well on our way! Can you help other babies have the opportunity that Alex and Addie had during their stay in the NICU? If you feel that you would like to learn more, please visit Addelynn and Alexander's fundraising page at:
A big thank you from Dale, Addelynn, Alexander and myself for your time and consideration! We would apprecite you checking out our page as well as forwarding it on to all of your family and friends!
Love, Dale, Jennifer, Addelynn and Alexander


Amy George said...

Thank you for helping us get the word out!! With your help and determination, I know we will raise lots of money for Melissa's Fund. Thanks for all you do!


Daddy Dale and Mommy Jen said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! Our NICU experience was so impressive and such a meaningful experience that others deserve the same. I am looking forward to meeting you and learning how I can be of assistance at Huntsville Hospital!