Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Old posting.... Visit with Friends In Illinois

Meet our Newest Friend
While we were visiting family in Illinois, we were able visit our friends. Jacob and Andrew are children of Lisa and Brian. Mommy used to babysit Jacob and Andrew when they were babies! Rachel is the new sister of Jacob and Andrew. She is a sweetie! It was so much fun visiting with them. Jacob and Andrew have gotten so big. Mommy remembers Jacob reading "Pop up Farm" and taking him to Build a Bear Work Shop with daddy. Mommy also remembers Andrew as a baby. Rachel will have the greatest big brothers! We will miss them when they move to Canada this summer!!! Maybe Addie and Alex will have a pen pal when they get bigger......
Welcome Home Rachel!!!!!!!

During our visit Rachel was very intrigued by the babies. She was wanting to play with them and their toys. It was soooooo cute! We can't wait to see her next time as we hear she is getting big!

Andrew, Jacob, Addie, Alex and Rachel. Yes, I know, Alex is in Addie's carseat. Sorry...

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