Friday, June 6, 2008

Addie and Alex Go Swimming!!!!!!!!!

Alex and Addie's First Swim
Thursday, June 5, 2008
Addie and Alex have been near a pool before in Florida. However, today was their first time getting in the water. We have had such warm weather that the water was warm enough for them. We did not hassle with getting them all decked out for this occasion, but hope to swim in our swimsuits in July. Tonight, they just wore their swim diapers and a onesie! Daddy took both of them in the water as mommy was the picture taker!
We were not quite sure how they would do as they have different attitudes towards the bath. But, both Addie and Alex seemed to like the water. Addie was more alert as Alex had just woke up from a nap. I know.. I know... It seems like that is all that kid ever does. But, he can be playing one minute, and sucking his thumb/sleeping the next! Thanks to grandma and grandpa for allowing us to use their pool! I think that we will leave our swim diapers here so that we can swim again, next time!

Addie and Daddy in the swimming pool!
Addie tries to decide if she wants to hold onto the noodle! We will have to bring our floats the next time.
Daddy and Alex in the swimming pool! Hmmm, let me think!
Grandma helps dry Addie off after getting out of the pool....

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