Sunday, June 8, 2008

Requesting Your Assistance!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Friends and Family,
Mommy and daddy have done a wonderful job keeping this blog up and running for all of our friends and family. We know that we will enjoy reading and looking at this blog when we grow up. Mommy and daddy have told us that they are going to make a hardback book of this blog later this month. The book will contain the blog entries from December-June. Don't worry, they will still keep up with the blog after that. But, the books will be a storybook of our first 6 months of life! Please do us a favor and leave a comment in this post. We know that when we learn to read, that we will enjoy hearing what you have to say about us!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are looking forward to growing big and tall and being able to read them all...........Thank You!

Lots of Love,
Addelynn and Alexander

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rautwins said...

Addie and Alex,
We met your mom and dad in a class we all took at St. John's Hospital. It was a class about having Multiples. Although we have not met you yet, we have read so much about you both. You both are very special to your mom and dad!

Lindsey said...

Addie and Alex,

I'm so happy to be able to visit your blog and see how much you are both growing. You are both so adorable! Maybe one day we will have the chance to meet. Looking forward to reading more in the future!

Mashel said...

Hi, I found your blog looking at various twin blogs. I also have boy/girl twins that are now 7 months old, named Tyler and Hannah. Your twins are beautiful, and it is very fun to see all the pictures. Feel free to check out my blog too.