Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday AM Update

Well, last night after getting back from the 11:30 and Midnight feedings of the two little ones, Jen once again spiked a low grade fever. It only lasted for a few hours but it means she will have to stay here at the hospital another night and maybe two. It also means that she will likely not be able to see the babies again until late tonight or tomorrow morning. If all goes well, hopefully she will be able to go home on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Regarding the babies this morning, both are continuing to do just as good as we could hope for. They have slowly backed of the O2 for Alex and this morning he is on room air and breathing without assistance. Addie just keeps on chugging along and is doing fine.

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Anonymous said...

Jen And Dale,

Congratulations! The babies look great. I hope you feel better soon and get to go home Jen. Happy Holidays.

Sarah V.
Antepartum RN