Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mom finally gets to spend some time with Addie

Jen was finally cleared to go see the babies this evening after being fever free for 24 hours. I have attached a few videos of this time where Addie hears mommy and looks at her and Jen starts to get comfortable with touching her. I also took a picture of Alex sleeping tightly. Respect to how they are doing, all continues well. Alex is still on 5 L 02 but only at 23%. Normal room air is 21% and so he gradually working closer to breathing on just room air. Addie continues to breath on only room air just fine. They are also eating better today. Both are eating every 3 hours and Alex is currently getting 5 mL and Addie 4 mL.

Addie listens and looks at mommy

Alex Sleeps Tight

Addie sucks on Binki with the Hiccups

Jen touches and speaks to Addie for first time

Alex with a verry happy mommy as mom holds him for 1st time

Alex sees mommy for 1st time

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