Saturday, December 29, 2007

Alex makes more firsts!

The kiddos continue to do wonderful. Addie is now up to 14mL on her feedings and continues to add weight. Alex is now up to 34 mL and even had his first bottle feeding and tub bath today. This evening mommy took both Alex's and Addie's temperatures, bathed Alex, changed his diaper and clothed him. Mom and I also learned how to swaddle.

Alex getting his 1st Tub Bath

Mommy drying Alex off

Alex all clean and looking at mommy

Alex clean and happy
"Ok, what's next?"


Tracee said...

Oh my gosh - how beautiful these little ones are. We can't wait to see them up close and personal. We are checking the updates daily and are so excited about these progress these little ones are making. Jen you look wonderful girl !!

Much love -
Tracee, Todd and Allie

Chaselcrn said...

The babies are adorable. Looks like Grandpa and Grandma have settled into their new roles. This blog is great to keep up with the updates. Love Ya!
Uncle Steve and Aunt Linda, And Chey too