Saturday, December 29, 2007

Alex starts to wear clothes

Yesterday, Alex came off of his IV and is now on only milk for his feedings. He is now up to 34 mL and continues to make great progress. Since he is no longer on the IV, he is now able to wear clothes so yesterday was the first time he wore an outfit.
Alex waves to his admirers
Alex is also doing well with his body temperature and may soon be moved from the isolet to a crib. On of the major steps he needs to make in order to come home. The other is eating all of his feedings through a bottle.
Addie is also doing quite well. She is now up to 9 mL for her feedings and is starting to add a little body fat. She is so petite and cute.
Grandma and Grandpa came up to see the little ones again yesterday and were able to hold the opposite grandchild from the previous day. Right now we are only allowed to hold the little ones at feeding time and when we do we are suppose to remain holding the same little one and not move them around. So that is why on Thursday grandma and grandpa each only held one little one and yesterday were able to hold the other one.

Grandma holds Addie for 1st Time

Grandpa holds Alex for 1st Time

Jen and I also visited the babies but it was late evening yesterday. And that is the reason why this post was delayed until this morning. We wanted to be there for the babies baths and feedings. Jen is still a bit timid about jumping right in but I am not. I took both babies temperatures, changed Alex's clothes and bathed Addie after watching the nurse bathe Alex.

Mommy and Daddy learn how to bathe the little ones

Daddy dressing Alex for 1st Time
Almost Done

Oh so Cute!
Mommy and Alex

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