Monday, December 24, 2007

Still Here

Well, here is the update for this morning. Jen's DR was planning on sending her home later today but she again spiked a fever shortly after noon so she is her for at least another day. She is going to have a chest X-ray, more blood work and a infectious disease specialist is to stop by. Right now her doctor is stumped as to why she continues to spike a fever for a few hours each afternoon. She is feeling really good though and is up and moving so we just wait for the green light to go home.

Regarding the little ones. Addie continues as is and is feeding at 4 mL. Alex is now completely on room air and now up to 10 mL. As soon as he is up to 12 mL they will begin weaning him off of the I.V. I hope to be able to take some photos later today and post them so please check back.

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