Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy 1st Week Birthday

Well Alex and Addie are 1 week old today and both are still doing great! Alex is now up to 20 mL per feeding and they are increasing his intake by 1mL every other feeding. Additionally, they are reducing his need for the IV. Little Addie remains at 4mL but is still doing well.

Tonight Jen and I spent over an hour holding the little ones. Alex was the one that was alert while Addie played occasional peak-a-boo. Normally it is the other way around. Alex also began sucking on his binki tonight. I have some photos and a video from tonight so enjoy.

Regarding Jen, today has been the first day she has not spiked a temperature. The last few days she had been doing so for a few hours in the afternoon and evening hours and they were normally between 100.4 and 1o1. She is feeling really good, though. She said that today has been the best she has felt in a long, long time and she even had her cute smile and laugh going this afternoon.

Alex smiles at mommy

Daddy taking Alex's temperature

Addie Sleeping Tight

Mommy and Alex and his binki

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