Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who is pictured on the left????? Who is below?????
Post your guess in the comment section!!!!!!! I will post the answer later this week :)

To the left: Daddy enjoys holding Addie and Alex on Saturday. We spent lots of time packing this weekened. As you can see, our house is a MESS! The movers come Wednesday night to start loading us up. This time next week, we will be getting settled in Alabama......

Below: Addie says, "Dakota you're sitting in my spot"!!!!!!! " Do I ever get time alone"?

On Friday night, Addie and Alex had fun meeting thier 2nd cousin, Jaden. It was an experience for Jaden as he will have a new little sister this summer!

Well, busy weekend here at the house. Daddy and Mommy spent most of the weekend packing while Addie and Alex enjoyed time with grandma and grandpa. We are almost there! This week will be nuts before the movers arrive Wednesday night.

Monday: lunch with friends

Tuesday: Addie and Alex (more shots) and Alex has physical therapy

Have a great week!

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Kimmie said...

"left" is Addie
"below" is Alex