Wednesday, April 23, 2008

18 Weeks Old Today!!!!!

Hello everyone!
Here are some updated pictures of Addie and Alex from today. It has been nice having beautiful weather. Today, we were able to dress them in summer clothes and even go for a nice walk. It makes things so much easier on us not to have to bundle them up.
This past weekend, mommy and daddy spent the weekend in Alabama. We tied up some loose ends on the new house and also closed. Therefore, we are ready to go. Mommy also interviewed a pediatrician in the area. Dr. Patz will be great! He has twins himself. Therefore, he has been there and seen some of the things that we are going through. The pediatricians office looks like a mini urgent care center for children. It is HUGE! Today, an electrician came in and changed out all of our lights. Alex will love his new Airplane Fan once it is up and installed.... Addie's room looks like a castle with tall ceilings.
While we were in Huntsville, we ran lots of errands, followed up on the house business, and visited with a few friends. A week from tomorrow our movers will be here to load us up!
Tomorrow, Addie and Alex go to the doctor for their 4 month check up. We are anxious to hear how they are doing and how much they weigh now. We will post that info later this week!
Tonight, Alex will try sleeping in his big boy bed for the first time. He is getting too big for the cradle. He moves constantly. When you go to check on him in the middle of the night, he is always in a different position.
Enjoy the pictures from today!

Addie being photogenic for this shot.
The hands in the mouth for Alex is a fairly
new thing. He will be a thumb sucker, for sure!

Awwww.... Alex says, "I love you little sister"....

Alex and Addie were great with getting their pictures taken today. You can see, it is hard to get a picture of Alex without his hands near his mouth. But, atleast he was smiling!
Alex smiles for the picture and Addie loves wearing her new dress!

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rautwins said...

Can't believe how old they are already. Very cute pix.