Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Addie and Alex's 1st Easter Morning

Addie and Alex's First Easter Morning Photos
Who would have ever thought that it would take mommy and daddy three hours to get themselves and the twins ready for church. By the time that mommy and daddy got ready, fed Addie and Alex, dressed Addie and Alex, took the dog out and packed the diaper bag for the day, it was just about three hours worth of work! Oh, don't forget, we did spend some time taking these pictures.... Go figure, the Easter outfits that we had picked out for them were not good for today due to the fact that it was in the 30's and snowing. Therefore, Alex was actually in a newborn outfit that he had never worn that mommy loved! Addie wore a preemie dress that she had gotten a long time ago! So, atleast they got a chance to wear these things! Enjoy the pictures!

Happy 1st Easter Alex! You looked to cute in your Easter outfit!

Happy First Easter, little princess Addie. You look adorable in the bonnett. For pictures, mommy and daddy had to tape the bonnett in the back in order to get it to fit! Even then, it was still a little big.

Addie and Alex on Easter Morning before Church.

For those of you that do not know, mommy and daddy bought this coat back when mommy was pregnant for little Addie. This was the first time that she got to wear it. It will probably fit her when she goes to kindergarten :) By this time, Addie was getting tired and ready for a nap!

Alex and his newborn coat. Mommy and daddy were so busy thta we forgot the matching hat....

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