Thursday, April 24, 2008

4 Month Doctors Appointment: Thursday, April 24th

Lots of reporting to do tonight!!!!!
1) Alex spent the whole night in his big boy bed last night. Yea Alex! He went down a little after nine. We did not hear from him until almost 5:30am. Tonight, we took the bumper pad off of his crib, per the pediatricians recommendation. He is a mover! I think that he will be rolling over very soon! He is so close.
2) We went to lunch today at Cracker Barrel. It is getting harder to take Addie and Alex out to eat as they are becoming more active. Get this!!!!! We were being sat at our table, when the hostess sat another set of baby twins at the table right next to us. How funny.....
3) Alex and Addie had their 4 month doctors appointment and shots today. Dr. Kasper is really pleased with how much they have grown. As of right now, both kids are progressing as they should be. Dr. Kasper said that we are free to start introducing cereal and baby foods as soon as we feel that we are ready. Mommy and Daddy plan on introducing cereal first once we get to Alabama.
Reports for Addie and Alex:
weight: 10 pounds 4 ounces
length: 23 inches long
weight: 13 pounds 7 ounces
length: 25 inches long

On Friday, we will be spending all day packing!!!! We have lots to do and a little time to do it. Great Grandma will be coming over to help with Addie and Alex. The movers will arrive on Wednesday night to start getting things in order. We hope to be on the road by late afternoon on Thursday. The movers will deliver everything to the new house on Friday morning. Then, Friday night, Grandma and Grandpa will come for a visit.
Daddy went to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor today and found out that he will need to have sinus surgery later this month. Therefore, he will have a CT Scan on Saturday to get the process started. We are coming home to St. Louis over Memorial Day for the twins NICU follow up and that will allow Dale to have the surgery here in St. Louis over that weekend.
Have a great weekend! We hope to see everyone before heading out next week!

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