Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Friday from Addie and Alex

Sorry for the delay in postings... Things have been very busy around here!
Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a nice weekend in Las Vegas. Addie and Alex are getting so big.
Two weeks from today, we will be moving into our new house in Alabama.....
Here are some pictures from a week or two back. Great Grandma has been a big help while daddy has been out of town.

Great Grandma enjoys time with both Addie and Alex.

Daddy and the twins....

Alex loves to laugh and smile. Here is one of his best!

"We love Eric Carle Books"!!!!!!!

Alex and Addie pose for the picture. It is so hard to get them both to sit up straight without one of them tumbling over. But, we try our best.

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Alex looks like a tiny you, Jennifer!