Monday, October 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!!! Who will Be Next?

Good Morning!
Heather from "Mama's little Sugar Booger" has tagged me!
Thanks Heather!
Lets see, who will be next!
Hmmmm. What should you know about me?????
1) I do not like vegetables! The only veggies that I will really eat are corn and potatoes and those are actually starches!
2) I do not like to go to the movies. I cannot sit still long enough to watch a movie.
3) I like to watch the good old favorite, Punky Brewster!
4) I love to go to bed early!
5) My husband is a meteorologist....
6) I don't drink milk!
7) My kids have more books to read than the public library. Can you believe they are only 9 months old and can already read! Ha Ha Ha
So, I will tag!!!!!!!!!!!!
TAG LADIES!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE IT.........

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