Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Last week of February Update

Sorry for the delay in posting. Things have been very busy around here!
Both babies are doing great! They are getting so big..... I cannot believe that the month of March is already here. Today, Addie and Alex are 11 weeks old. It is amzing how time flies. Below are some pictures from the last week of February. More pictures coming soon!

Here is Holly holding Alex and Addie. Holly was one of our primary nurses in the NICU. She
was great with our little ones during their stay at the hospital. Holly came for two nights the last week in February to help mommy and daddy out. Mommy and daddy were able to get a whole night sleep while she was here. It was nice! We enjoyed having her over and were glad that she was able to see the little ones.

Alex sits in the new bumbo chair. Yes, I know that it is purple. But, I got a really good deal on it. With twins, I am always looking for deals!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully here soon, he will get one in yellow, green or blue and Addie can use the purple one.

Addie is getting to be such a big girl! It is so cute to see her all dressed up!

Addie sits in the purple bumbo chair. I find it amazing that such a little girl is able to hold her head up so well.

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