Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lots of Visitors

This past weekend, we had beautiful weather. Therefore, people were out and about. Lots of friends and family stopped by to visit Addie and Alex. At one time, I think that we had 6 visitors at a time! Here are some pictures from our visits...

Kami was brave this time and wanted to hold both Alex and Addie at the same time!!!
In these pictures you can really see how much weight they are putting on as well as length.

I had to get a picture of Addie in this sweater. I bought it a long time ago and absolutely love it!
Just when I thought that she would be able to wear it, it is already getting too small......

Alyssa, a friend of mommy and daddy stopped by this weekend. She enjoyed being able to spend time with the twins! She brougth the twins the cutest summer outfits and blankets. Thanks Alyssa!

Great Grandpa is back from Florida and could not believe how big Addie and Alex are getting. He still swears that Addie looks like him!

Alyssa spends time with Alex.

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