Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Can't wait til Friday

Fun Friday Ahead for Addie and Alex
Our family is very excited about this coming Friday.
Our friends from Nashville are coming into town!
We have not seen eachother since this past summer. Boy, Addie and Alex have for sure changed a ton since then and I know that Owen has some new tricks ready to teach them. The last time we were together, he was so excited to teach Addie and Alex how to dance in their highchairs. What will he teach them this time?
Adrienne, Owen's mom and I met through the world of infertility.
We hope that one day we will live close enough for our kids to be able to play all the time.
Learn more about Adrienne and Jim's Journey to Parenthood on their blog at:
Be sure and stay tuned for pictures from our Friday adventure! Between Adrienne and myself I bet that we will have quite a few of them!!!!!!!!!!!


mommaof4wife2r said...

ahhh...the wonderful world of infertility. been there...done the...well, anyway. what a super fun thing for you to get together! and those kids of yours are so sweet...sweeter every day! yeah!

The Titsworth Family said...

How exciting! I want to play with you guys too! Tell her I'm a faithful blog reader now. :)