Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

Thanks to Miss Sarah, Addie and Alex's babysitter for taking these great pictures. Last week, daddy had to work every afternoon, so Sarah had plenty of time to chase Addie and Alex around..... With it being so nice outside, they were able to go to the park and get some great pictures.

Alex had enough and had to take a little snooze.

With the weather being so nice this past weekend, we tried to get a lot of outside work done. So, we thought that the pack n play could get some more use. We put Addie and Alex in the pack n play with lots of toys/books and thought that they would love being outside. WRONG! Addie has now learned how to climb out of the pack n play! She is our little monkey!
On Friday night, we received tickets to the Spelling Bee Broadway Show.
We had a great time!
This week is another busy week.
Anyone have any ideas as to how to get Addie not to want to eat the grass?

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Adrienne said...

ALREADY?!! You're in trouble, friend! She's going to be climbing out of her crib next!!! Whoa... big girl bed at 1???