Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kids, Elmo and Sesame Street

Over the past few weeks as stores stock up for Christmas goodies, we have discovered how much the kids really like Elmo from Sesame Street. A few weeks ago we were in Sam's and there was the new Elmo Live doll. We played it and immediately the kids were in a trance. Since then, every time we go to a store we go by the toy area and look for Elmo. The kids just smile and laugh we the see him and he starts talking or singing. Since currently, the little ones don't have an Elmo doll, we have been showing them Elmo videos on You Tube. Here is a video taken this morning of Addie while watching the Elmo Video.

The next video is of a happy and relaxed Alex who was enjoying watching Sesame Street today.
The pictures that follow were taken right afterwards. The kids have figured out the camera and when they see it they stop doing what they were doing and stare at it or come towards it.

The final video is of the little one's playing together and as you will see I was spotted and Addie came to investigate.

Finally, here are some fall shots taken earlier this week out our back door. Good thing I took the pictures when I did because things don't look like this anymore :(

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Lindsey said...

Really cute videos!! Did I see your Christmas tree in one of the videos? You are so on the ball! Have a great weekend.