Saturday, November 1, 2008

Addie and Alex's First Halloween

Addie and Alex had a very exciting first Halloween. At first, we were not quite sure if we would take them trick or treating or not! But, since the weather was warm and they had warm outfits, we did take them out in our neighborhood. For only going to 8 houses, we were gone 2 hours! Of course, mommy and daddy will eat some of their candy this week!
In this picture, you can see how hard it was to keep their BEAR SHOES on!
Here is a picture from before trick or treating and we were already tired!
Mommy and Daddy did not take the stroller as the costumes were too bulky! Man, our backs were killing us when we got home as they are heavy to carry around for 2 hours!
Little Sister Bear!
Oh No! What are mommy and daddy thinking now?
Little Sister Bear Outside....
Little Brother Bear outside........


Carmen said...

Too cute! They look so snuggly.

Amy said...

I LOVE those bear costumes! Just precious!

Carrie said...

I just realized that I hadn't come to your blog in sometime....well, that's because it's not on my list when I first log into google to show me updates, instead I have to actually go to my page. Soooo, I've missed a few posts, sorry!

They are the cutest little bears ever!!!!