Sunday, October 25, 2009

Feeding the Ducks....

Today was a beautiful fall day here in Huntsville. We spent the day with some friends celebrating the good news that we received this past week. For the past 9 months, daddy has been working part-time. However, we found out this week that he will be starting full-time on the 1st of November. Our friends took us to lunch to celebrate! Then, we all took Addie and Alex to the park to feed the ducks. I am so thankful that they were there to help us chase the kids. There is no way that we could have done it without them! Whew, I am tired just thinking about all the running around we did earlier today. To end the day, we went to a fall festival here in town where Addie and Alex had a blast. Stay tuned for those pics.

Here is Miss Norma. She is our adopted mom here in Huntsville. We met Miss Norma through Addie and Alex's school. The kids LOVE her and we are so glad to have her as part of our family!
Miss Norma and Mr. Tom with Addie and Alex at the park. We should have taken this picture when we first got there as by this time, they were ready to be set free and continue playing!

Told ya, Addie was all over the place! She could have cared less about feeding the ducks. She was all about running the grounds.
Mr. Climber himself. He was so tired from running that he decided that he needed a break!

Funny picture... Why? Well, this was when we first got to the park and the kids were actually holding our hands! After about 2 minutes, they were done with that!

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