Friday, April 17, 2009

March for Babies

Well, tomorrow is the big day! The Huntsville March for Babies takes place on Saturday. This morning, Dale and I participated in an radio show interview. We discussed how the March of Dimes has helped our family and how they help families across the Nation.
Here is an interesting fact about the March of Dimes:
* 77 cents of every dollar raised is used towards research and programs.
Today, we are asking for your support.
Please visit our team page and sign up to walk with us.
Any and all donations are also greatly appreciated.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
Lots of pictures to come.........


The Pfershy's said...

Congrats, how much have you raised so far? We're doing the walk also! Our team has raised over $3,000, we are thrilled and so proud of our team members. Good luck!

Avery Tales said...

I just stumbled upon your blog!! I hope the walk was great! I'm in Birmingham and we're walking on Saturday! I look forward to reading more. I may copy your post to raise a few last minute dollars. :)