Thursday, January 29, 2009

Told Ya So!!!!!

Did we not tell you that the play cube is Addie and Alex's favorite toy?
We have placed the play cube inside their HUGE play yard. It is located in a corner of the sunroom in between the couch and door that goes outside. Yes, they try to mess with the blinds, but we try to raise the blinds so that they can't get into them. We have noticed that Addie and Alex spend 85% of their time over in the play cube area. They crawl in and out of the bottom part, climb up onto the platform, slide down the slide, climb up the slide and much more!!!!!! Alex has even figured out how to take his hammer up there and bang on the cube for hours! Addie has figured out how when she is on the platform and brother is below that she can pull his hair. Overall, they have a great deal of fun and this was a MUST PURCHASE for us!

See, this is how Alex tries to get into the blinds. They can reach everything now!


Jill and Cliff said...


I don't think the twins could get any cuter. They are so precious and you guys are such great parents. We need to get together soon and have a twin date.

Alison said...

Found your blog through Kelly's Korner! Addie and Alex are SO adorable. What little blessings! :)

Anonymous said...

please pull up The big picture and read had a little baby girl died from blinds. please please take them down or move their toy box. Just please read this heart breaking story.