Saturday, December 6, 2008

One Year Ago Today...........

Tribute to St. Johns Mercy Antepartum Unit
One year ago today, I was admitted to the Antepartum Unit.
For severeal weeks, I had been battling pre-eclamsia. At this time, I was going to the Perinatal Center two times and week and the OB, once or twice a week. A home health nurse was also coming to the house to check in on me and the babies. At my appointment one year ago today, doctors hoped that I had my bags packed as I was not going home!!!!!!
My bags had been packed and in the car for a little over a week. So, I was prepared. However, I was not sure what to anticipate.
When I was first admitted, I had a room-mate. However, that did not last long. My blood pressure continue to rise and my high risk perinatologist requested that I be moved to a single room where it would be quiet and less distractive. So, I was moved to a double room as there were not any private rooms avialable. I spent 1 night in the double room before being told to pack up my things as they had a private room available for me..
Once I was moved, I started decorating my room as I knew that I was here for the long haul. I will not forget asking the doctors everyday if I could atleast go home for Christmas. Obviously, I was home for Christmas, but not pregnant anymore.... See below for more details about my Antepartum Journey!

Our stay at St. Johns Mercy was WONDERFUL! It was here that I felt at home and accomodated more than I could have ever wanted. I spent my days in the Ante-Partum unit staying very very busy! Here are some of the things that I did everyday.......Granted, I was supposed to be on bedrest...

Decorated Nurses Station

Created Bulletin Board in Hallway

Decorated my room

Made Christmas Ornaments for Addie and Alex

Made Christmas Stockings for Addie and Alex

Took Wheel Chair Rides

Rented movies from the Antepartum Video Store

Made Blankets for Addie and Alex as well as many nurses

Took atleast 1 trip a day to the Perinatal Center

Visited the NICU windows

Played on the Internet

Drank Sprite in the middle of the night


Where do I start to tell you about this amazing woman! Amy was one of my nurses. She spent hours trying to keep me busy as the patient activity director. We miss you Amy! I hope that we get to see you over the holidays!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness for my laptop computer!

We had tons of arts, crafts, and scrapbooking supplies to use. I tried to make something new everyday! Here are Addie and Alex's first Christmas stockings!

Here was the door to my room! It is so much fun to walk up and down the halls looking at everyone's doors. At this time, we we hoping that Addie and Alex would bake for 9 more days. However, that did not happen as this picture was taken, on December 19th, Addie and Alex's birthday.

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